Air Conditioning Copper Theft Solutions

The CopperWatcher™ is the premier solution to the explosion in air conditioning coil theft for scrap copper. CopperWatcher™ targets the connections thieves’ compromise to steal an air conditioner with unsurpassed reliability. CopperWatcher stops thieves as early in the theft attempt as possible.


CopperWatcher™ Copper Theft Solution Learn About CopperWatcher™

CopperWatcher™ supervises power and refrigerant pressure to the A/C. When power is shut off, or copper tubes are cut, the CopperWatcher™ sends a signal to the existing burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm systems loud siren sounds drawing attention to the would-be thieves. CopperWatcher™ is intelligent enough to tell the difference between a purposeful shut down and a local power outage, and will not send a “false alarm” to the security panel. Saving you a possible fine with your local authorities and the nuisance the audible alarm will cause.

Purchasing CopperWatcher

CopperWatcher is available on line at the CopperWatcher store. Licensed Alarm and Air Conditioning contractors click this link Online Registration and register for wholesale pricing. Alarm and HVAC distributors call in for distributor pricing 817-684-1216.

Bob Frederick